The Citizens Academy provides an opportunity for St. Louisans to learn the ins and outs of the Metropolitan Police Department. The more
citizens understand the difficult jobs you do day in and day out, the better equipped they are to help you as you aim to help the community.
Many graduates of the Fall class talked about just how eye-opening the Citizens Academy was, with one citizen saying after the graduation
ceremony, “I wish everybody could take this class. It would make people think a lot differently about what police do.”
The course will run for 12 weeks (March 10-May 26), meeting Wednesday nights, from 6pm-9pm at the Police Academy.

A variety of commissioned officers will teach most of the blocks of instruction with a few blocks being taught by civilian employees as
well. In addition to lectures, citizens will see active demonstrations and participate in role-playing and simulations.
To be eligible to participate, applicants must:
* Be city residents or business owners
* Be at least 18 years old
* Have no active warrants
* Agree to have a records check performed by the Departmen
Applications can be found on the Intranet by going to the Public Information page and then clicking on “Public Information Forms.”
Applications MUST be received by February 10.
Applications should be returned to Sgt. Catherine Dennis, room 313 of Headquarters.
Original documents are required to be submitted by mail or in person.
Emailed applications will not be accepted.
There are only 30 slots available. Citizens should submit applications as soon as possible.

Please don’t hesitate to refer anyone with questions to Sgt. Dennis at ext. 5638. Questions may also be sent to
Thank You,

Officer Joseph Calabro=20
Third District Community Outreach