For months two SEA alumnae (and an SEA spouse) have worked tirelessly to convert the library to an electronic system. The hard work and dedication of Dan & Madelynn (’65) Kennebeck and Clarice Baum (’65) is nothing short of amazing! They have cleaned, organized and streamlined the library to be a benefit to the students and teachers. New displays are going up to highlight student work and teachers are invited to request materials and displays to enhance their instruction. Not only have Madelynn and Clarice given much of their time and talent, but they recently led an initiative to collect funds to support the library as well. The “Change for Change” challenge was introduced by Madelynn and Clarice to their classmates who rallied around the cause, donating more than $200! Please email to contact Madelynn or Clarice for more information.
Thank you to the Class of 1965 for their Generosity in Supporting the Library!