According to a Department of Justice study, about 58,200 children are abducted each year by nonfamily members (with about 45 percent of those incidents being perpetrated by strangers).  This startling statistic prompted the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) to launch the Nation Child Identification Program (NCIDP). The FBI has partnered with the AFCA in this program with the goal of providing inkless fingerprint identification and DNA sample kits to 60 million children in the United States.

National Night Out, the NCIDP, and the FBI want to set a record on Tuesday, August 3, 2010, for the most ID kits distributed within a single day. To reach this goal, they are encouraging every city across the United States to participate in National Night Out on Tuesday, August 3, and provide the NCIDPs inkless fingerprint and DNA sample kits to children and families in our area.

For complete information on how to register, plan your event, and order supplies, including the NCIDP kits, visit the National Night Out Web site at Registration for the event is free and once registered, you will receive and organizational kit filled with “how to material such as promotional idea guidelines, tips, questions and answers, camera-ready art, and sample news releases and proclamations.


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