November 8, 2010

South Grand, St. Louis, MO- Bicycling culture is working its way to your front door. Literally. For the past few months, South Grand Delivered, a new food delivery company, has been zooming up and down the streets of the Tower Grove area, delivering food to happy customers.

Currently, the budding company is running pizzas for St. Louis National Pizza Company, located at 3201 S. Grand Blvd., but plan on expanding their operations to deliver for the variety of restaurants located on South Grand.

According to Andy Heaslet and Evenn Moore, owners of the company, their delivery radius is roughly two miles from the bustling South Grand business district, home to a wide variety of food cultures.

South Grand Delivered is a great way to get the restaurants you like right to your door in a timely and Eco friendly manner. We have extraordinary employees and truly high quality food. If we eat there every day it must be awesome,” says Moore.

Tower Grove residents are also very pleased with this long-overdue service.  Many are switching to St. Louis National Pizza Company for their pizza delivery needs.

“It’s nice to see delivery guys ride up and down on bikes, rather than hogging up the streets with a parked car,” says Josh Grogan, who lives on South Grand and has used the delivery service. “It also gives you a real connection to the businesses they’re delivering for. I’d rather order delivery from a dedicated guy on a bike, who is part of this community, than an anonymous delivery driver from a chain [restaurant].”

South Grand Delivered plans on working out any logistical kinks this winter, but stresses that delivery operations will definitely be offered year-round.


South Grand Delivered

Andy Heaslet and Evenn Moore

St. Louis National Pizza Company

Brian Williams

(314) 772-2285