Gateway Greening STILL has large quantities of free perennials and shrubs available free for community planting projects. Please spread
the word with neighborhood association presidents and other community leaders. Questions regarding plant availability can be addressed to at the contact information below. Plants are available for pick up by appointment Tuesday through Friday OR on Saturday mornings from 9am-12, including this upcoming June 11, at Bell Garden’s Carriage House property at 3815 Bell, 63108. We are eager to see these plants put to good use, so please encourage folks not to be shy in requesting them.

Please note, however, that if residents would like plants for private use (i.e., on personal property and in backyards), they must first
become paying members of Gateway Greening, which involves an annual $35 membership fee. Thereafter, plants are extraordinarily cheap, and they would benefit from huge savings over any area nursery.

Hannah Reinhart

Community Development Coordinator
Gateway Greening
2211 Washington Ave., Ste. 102
St. Louis, MO 63103
314-588-9600 x28
314-307-0407 (cell)
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