Phase 1: Great Streets Overview:

Construction start date: October2010

Commerce Bank back vacant lot located on Juniata will be used as the staging area. The construction for the project will begin at the SE corner of Grand and Humphrey and end at the SW corner of Grand/Humphrey. Trees and the black decorative lighting will come out on the east side first. After the completion of the east side with new sidewalk the project will then continue on the west side with the removal of the trees and black decorative lighting. It is expected to have the eastside of Grand complete by January 2011 and the west side complete by March 2011, dependable on weather.  Construction of the sidewalk will be done one block at a time. Six feet out from the building will be concrete and then to the curb will be permeable concrete. The guidelines for permeable concrete once it is set it must be covered with plastic and stayed off of for seven days. A walkway will be constructed by the general contractor for customers to enter and exit the place of business. The only time a business will have to be closed is the excavation of the old sidewalk and the initial pouring of the concrete. The city and general contractor will contact each business owner.  If the business owner has a preference on a day when they will have to be shut down please contact Rachel Witt, or 772-5750.

The meters will be blocked when the trees and black decorative lighting are taken out and there will be no parking available on the side of the street that the trees are coming down on.  Also, again when a block is under construction the meters located on that block will be bagged and the parking lane will be blocked off completely.  Remember construction of the sidewalk is being done one block at a time. It is estimated that each block will take 30-40 days start of demo to completion of concrete and permeable concrete. The businesses will NOT be shut down for the 30-40 days only the day(s) when the sidewalk is being demolished and the concrete is being poured.

Again, if you have any questions or concern please contact Rachel Witt, or by phone at 772-5750. It is easier with the city and the general contractor for one contact person. The expected turnaround of your question/concern will be within 24hours.

Rachel Witt

Executive Director

South Grand Community Improvement District