Roosevelt High School, the public high school two blocks from my house here in the City of St. Louis was one of the most challenging places for a kid to get an education.  However in the last few years Roosevelt has seen renewed life with a more student-driven administration.  They’ve adopted a “tough love” mentality and encouraged neighbors and police to work with the school.  Student scores, attendance and graduation rates show it’s working.   They’ve got a new principal and a new attitude.  AND they’ve re-introduced sports to the students.  Sports…like baseball.

This week I spoke with the coach, and he told me that he’s got 40 boys on this year’s team.  Most of these kids don’t have gloves, cleats, or even a real understanding of the rules.  But these boys want to learn about the game.  These boys want to play baseball.  And you can help them.


 Your contribution of $40 would help to buy the equipment these boys need to  play the game of baseball. It’s easy, just send with paypal to “”.


St. Louis is a baseball town.  You can’t live here without appreciating the game.  The St. Louis Cardinals, and their recent World Series victory, gives us a unique opportunity.   These kids are excited.  Frankly, they’ve got me excited too.  I want them to experience you and I got as a kid – being part of a team, smelling the grass, separating the glow of the sun from the fly ball coming my way, beating the throw to tag the bag, and finally…winning.


You might not make it to a game, you may never visit the school, but you can make a difference in these boys lives. Make a small contribution today, and you’ll be making a huge difference.


These boys on the Roosevelt High School baseball team have challenges beyond winning games.  They need to get prepared for the games.  Practices started two weeks ago, but Coach says he needs all kinds of supplies:  gloves, bats, balls, cleats.  He says that the shoes he does have are traded – the boys don’t take them home – they are all 25 sharing the same 12 pairs of shoes right now.  Coach is using a lot of used goods.  But they need uniforms for game day.  We’re raising money to buy the jerseys and pants, belts, socks/stirrups.


Please make a $40 contribution today by emailing money to “” with Paypal.


I appreciate any help you can give.  Thank you for your consideration.


See the Roosevelt High School Baseball Schedule here




David Woodruff


Tower Grove East Neighborhood Association