Each year, Midtown Catholic Charities identifies Families in Need of Assistance (77% of these families have incomes under $11,000).  Most of these families are “working poor”…Trying to combine work income, food stamps, and other support to meet family needs.

In addition, there are many seniors, shut-in’s and mentally challenged adults who need to be remembered as well.

Midtown Catholic Charities is asking for gift baskets for those who may not otherwise be remembered this holiday season.  At this time, 50 gift baskets are still needed.  These baskets can contain: cookies, snacks, hot drink mixes, books, playing cards, puzzles, hats and gloves, scarves, lap blankets, snuggies, stamps, stationary, pens, lotions, soaps,  and any other items to make someone’s day brighter.  It is also requested that each gift basket have either a $25 gift card to Schnucks or K-Mart for a group outing.

All baskets can be delivered to Millennium Restoration & Development Corporation at 3459 Arsenal (1 block east of Grand) on any day this week from 8 am to 6 pm. All baskets must be received by Friday December 18, by 6pm. Please call Tim Vogt at 314-565-3700, or 314-772-9200 with any questions or to set up an alternate delivery time.