Fans of Mangia Italiano [3145 S. Grand] probably have a story or ten to tell about Mangia Italiano escapades. Whether an amazing meal on the patio, an amusing conversation during lunch at their substantial buffet, or wild adventures during a late-night show, experiences at Mangia continue to prove that this establishment is an amazing anchor for this community.

Mangia will raise the bar by adding a few new items to their menu, including several vegetarian options. As far as signature dishes go, Mangia will toe the line and submit their own version of an old favorite: mac and cheese. Mangia’s will be loaded with cheese in a white wine sauce, over shell pasta, LOBSTER, and bread crumb topping.

Yes, macaroni and cheese can be for dinner, and does not have to come from a box!
Other new signature items include a daily fresh gnocchi, pillows of potato pasta that provide a wonderful medium for the fantastic sauces Mangia’s staff creates on a daily basis. They also offer a new line of paninis (if you have not ordered sandwiches from Mangia yet, DO IT NOW) and some great salads.

Mangia strives to stay relevant to its ever-evolving clientele. Late night food will be served until 1am, and delicious drink specials and local acts make Mangia a one-stop shop for food, drink and entertainment. Look out for more updates on this wonderful South Grand anchor restaurant!