There has been much discussion on the neighborhood list serve regarding the uptick in crime, specifically with the increased burglaries. At my request, Captain Leyshock has agreed to assign a special officer for our neighborhood to assist with investigative issues solely for Tower Grove East.

Detective Paul Kosednar will be working with the neighborhood for the long-term; his main priority right now is addressing the rash of home burglaries. I met with him this morning, it is my hope that having Detective Paul solely concentrate on this issue, will help curb this activity. After speaking with the Detective I was pleased to learn that the officers have caught one suspect who also implicated others that participated in a recent burglary in the neighborhood; and the police are working to address the truancy issue with RHS.
I have communicated to the Detective that there is a need to dialogue with the residents and communicate what the department is doing and the progress that is being made.
I have provided the list serve link for Detective Paul, and it is my hope that he will serve as an additional liaison (in addition to Officer Calabro) for you to express any concerns, thoughts or ideas when it comes to crime in the neighborhood.
Working hard for St. Louis City!

Kacie Starr Triplett
Alderman, 6th Ward

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