Tower Grove East is in the process of putting together the content for the 2011 TGE Directory, which we publish with Virginia Publishing/West End Word.  Last year’s directory added a new section, which was statements from residents about why they love living in TGE.

If you have some thoughts you would like to share (either about why you love TGE in particular or why you love City living in general), please email them to me directly by Friday, February 25th (the sooner the better). The comments we use will be published with first name and block of residence (example: 35XX Juniata). Thanks very much.

PS – The directory is intended to be both a marketing piece for the neighborhood (presenting our positives!!) and a replacement for the “new resident packet” which we used to give to block captains to share with new residents.  Copies are available at Tower Grove Abbey, where we have our general membership meetings, as well as at local businesses.

Norah Ryan