The Tower Grove East Neighbor- hood Association is implementing the Neighborhood Ownership Model (NOM) to make our neigh- borhood a safer place to live and work. The NOM has three compo- nents, each of which needs dedi- cated volunteers and are de-

scribed below. If you are interested in helping out in any of the different programs, please contact TGENA Safety Chair Chris Naffziger at Each program par- ticipant is required to attend a training session and pass a background check. Participation in all three programs is not required. Also, the Third District Police Outreach Meeting is now quarterly at Five Star Senior Center.

Citizens on Patrol (COPS)

Citizens on Patrol is a neighborhood watch program where pairs of citizens patrol the neighborhood looking for prob- lem properties and other nuisances that affect our neighbor- hood. COPS requires the greatest number of volunteers.

Victim Support Services (VSS)

Volunteers trained in Victim Support Services reach out to victims of crime in our neighborhood, and help victims to regain a sense of safety and trust where they live. They also help victims with the criminal justice system. Approximate- ly seven dedicated volunteers are needed.

Court Advocacy/Neighborhood Impact Statements (CA/NIS)
Court Advocates appear in court to encourage tough sen- tences for repeat offenders, and through Neighborhood Im- pact Statements (NIS), citizens can testify to the criminals’ negative effect on the well-being of our neighborhood. As many NIS’s as possible are welcome.

Block Captain Program

Are you a block captain? Do you know your block captain? If you don’t know your block captain, and it turns out there isn’t one for your block, would you be interested in being trained to become one? If so, please contact Safety Chair Chris Naffziger.

-Chris Naffziger