Greetings neighbors,

We began the year with our new liaison officer Mark O’Bri- en attending our first of many meet-and-greet coffee socials at Van Goghz Martini bar and restaurant (on the corner of Shenandoah and Compton), headed up by our new commu- nity outreach chairperson Gwendelyn.

“We had a wonderful turnout! So nice to have an alternate meeting time for those unable to make the evening meetings with neighbors and law enforcement! Thank you everyone that came and want to let everyone know TGE will be having more of these during the day to accommodate more people, keep your eyes on the list serve emails and/or facebook for upcoming times and locations.

We are always looking for someone to help with organizing new and fun ways to get neighbors talking, our social chair

Lynnette is always looking for assistants for upcoming events. Email to get involved! Come on and jump in you’ll have fun.” !

Thank you Officer O’Brien, and everyone who came,

Charitable & Community Outreach Chairperson