The St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office handles approximately 4,000 felony and 8,000 misdemeanor cases per year. My office’s most effective tool against crime is citizen involvement. When citizens partner with the police, prosecutors and courts, they have more power than all law enforcement agencies combined. With citizen support, we have a nearly 100% conviction rate.
The goal of the Circuit Attorney’s social media strategy is to get timely information to St. Louis citizens in order to engage them in doing their part to keep the city safe. Using the Internet, Facebook and Twitter, the Circuit Attorney’s Office is making it easier than ever to stay informed about YOUR criminal justice system. Timely emails share fraud alerts and news about crime in St. Louis City . Facebook and Twitter are cost-effective ways the public can exchange information with the staff at the Circuit Attorney’s Office.

The steps below detail easy ways you can encourage public awareness and engagement. Thank you for supporting our efforts to increase our City’s safety and security.


Jennifer M. Joyce

Circuit Attorney, City of St. Louis


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