Dear 6th Ward Resident:

It appears that our ward may receive an nice holiday gift with the arrival of single – stream recycling. Beginning possibly before Christmas (weather permitting) the Refuse Department will begin the placement of city recycling dumpsters in 6th Ward alleys. Depending on the volume of trash collected, the Refuse Department will determine which alleys will receive one or two recycling dumpsters.

Each week, there will be three collections that will take place: solid waste, yard waste and recycling. Your monthly bulk pick up will continue. Should you miss your monthly bulk pick up date, you may drop your items off at the city’s free disposal site at 4100 S. First Street or 201 N. Humboldt Street. You will be expected to provide proof of city residency.

There is definitely some excitement that comes with city-wide recycling (I know that many of you have been eagerly awaiting the ability to conveniently recycle!). At the same time, I ask for your patience. Expect a few hiccups, as this is the city’s first time initiating a city-wide recycling program. Citizen’s Service Bureau has beefed up their operations, and is equipped to handle your complaints, suggestions and concerns regarding the recycling program. (Citizen’s Service Bureau: 622-4800)

Stay tuned for more information regarding the recycling program in our ward. I will provide updates on my website at and on the various neighborhood list serves.

Happy Holidays