Part of the 2013 St. Louis Earth Day Festival, the 3rd annual Recycling Extravaganza, (or REX!), will be accepting your hard-to-recycle items from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the St. Louis Community College Forest Park campus parking lot, off Oakland Ave.

All are invited to load up their cars, trucks or bicycle baskets with any (or all) of the items that will be collected by one of a dozen partnering non-profit organizations or recycling companies.

Tips for participating:

  • Please DO NOT bring materials that aren’t on the list
  • If there is no business or organization collecting an item that you bring to the event, please keep it in your car
  • ABSOLUTELY NO chemicals, household hazardous waste, paints or liquids
  • For more information on recycling chemicals, hazardous waste, paint, etc. contact the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Green Resources Answer Service
  •  You can sign up to volunteer to help at the collection event
  • Pack smart! Load your car so that you will be able to access items as you pass the collection points, as ordered below
  • Check back often as this listing may change before the event




•Ameren Missouri  *REX! SPONSOR*

Items Collected: CFL light bulbs | Fluorescent Tubes


Items Collected: Bicycles

•Central Paper Stocks

Items Collected: Ridged #6 plastic (CD cases, etc)

•DEA Drug Take Back Initiative

Items Collected: Expired, unwanted, or unused Pharmaceutical Controlled Substances | Prescription medications | Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, Vitamins, Supplements | NO illicit or illegal substances or needles collected | Collection is anonymous, no records are kept, no ID required

•Eye on Design

Items Collected: Window Coverings

•Flooring Systems, Inc.

Items Collected: Broadloom carpet | Carpet tiles | Carpet pads

•Humane Society of Missouri

Items Collected: Donations of new or clean, lightly used pet supplies and pet toys

•Interstate All Battery Center

Items Collected: Lead-Acid Batteries: Car Batteries, Alarm System Batteries, Golf Cart Batteries, and other vehicle-type batteries | Rechargeable Batteries: laptop and cell phone batteries | Button cell batteries

•Making Music Matters

Items Collected: Guitars | Violins | Pianos | Drum Sets | Amplifiers | Trumpets | Other musical instruments | All working or non-working | Volunteers to teach music! | Some donations will benefit Sheldon Concert Hall’s Music for Lifelong Achievement program

•Midwest Recycling Center  *REX! SPONSOR*

Items Collected: Appliances – functioning & non-functioning, large & small | TVs/monitors (limit ONE per household) | Computers & parts | Microwaves | Dishwashers | Refrigerators | Electronics, etc. | Rechargeable batteries | Extension cords & Holiday light strands | VHS tapes & Audio cassettes | Overflow computers and computer parts from MRC will go to St. Louis BWorks | Anything with a cord!


Items Collected: Leather Belts | T-Shirts | 100% Wool Sweaters | Old Hardback Books | Hand-Powered Tools (drills, saws, screwdrivers, clamps,etc.) | Hardware | Glass jars, all sizes | Scrap wood (NO PARTICLE BOARD OR PLYWOOD) | Small Wood Tables | Wood Chairs


Items Collected: Lumber: boards, trim, decking, hardwood, and plywood | Tools: hand tools, power tools, shop equipment, old man tools, gardening tools | Workshop items: workbenches, shelves, storage bins, crates, and tool boxes | Miscellaneous hardware: fasteners, building supplies, etc.

•Republic Services

Items Collected: Standard comingled recyclables | What you would normally have collected at home, at the curb

•ReStore – Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis

Items Collected: Building & Construction Materials | Household Supplies (sinks, doors, light fixtures, toilets, etc.) | Anything you might find in a hardware store

•Shoeman Water Projects

Items Collected: Shoes (new and gently used) | Cell Phones (new and gently used)

•Solensus – Solutions for Environmental Sustainability

Items Collected: COPPER: wire (with or without insulation), pipe (attached to fixtures or not), gutters, flashing, etc. | ALUMINUM: cans, screens, flashing, storm doors, clean foil pans, etc. | BRASS: faucets. | LEAD: batteries, pipe, roofing, etc.

•St. Louis Composting  *REX! SPONSOR*

Items Collected: Yard Waste | Wood Waste (untreated and unpainted wood)

•St. Louis Green

Items Collected: Mattresses | Plastic Plant Pots & Trays | Holiday lights | Shampoo | Conditioner | Hand lotion

•Teachers’ Recycle Center

Items Collected: Beads | Buttons | Books (except encyclopedias and textbooks) | Board Games | All ridged #6 Plastic Cups (no foam) | Toothbrushes | Empty Shampoo Bottles, Empty Hand Cream Bottles, Empty Make-up, and Empty Tape Dispensers

•Terracycle – (Also base of operations for St. Louis Earth Day staff and volunteers)

Items Collected:  WRAPPERS: Foil-lined energy bar, granola bar, meal replacement, protein bar, and diet bar | Clif Bar wrappers from Clif SHOT, Clif Twisted Fruit, Clif Roks, Clif Bloks, and Clif Gels | All LÄRABAR foil-lined bar wrappers | All Cascadian Farm foil-lined bar wrappers | Mardi Gras Beads!

•Trex Recycling

Items Collected: Plastic bags and wrap including ONLY: newspaper bags, dry cleaning bags, bread bags, produce bags, toilet paper/napkin/paper towel/diaper packaging, furniture wrap, electronic wrap (including bubble wrap), plastic retail bags (hard plastic and string handles removed), grocery bags, plastic food storage bags (clean and dry) – (e.g. Ziploc® Bags), plastic cereal box liners (if it tears like paper do not include) | Tyvek (no glue, labels, other material) | plastic shipping envelopes, bubble wrap, and air pillows (deflate and remove labels if possible) | case wrap (e.g., snacks, water bottles) | All clean, dry bags labeled #2 or #4.| The unacceptable list includes: NO food or cling wrap | NO prepackaged food bags including frozen food bags (e.g., prewashed salad bags) | NO film that has been painted or has excessive glue | NO other bags or films | NO (bio)degradable bags

•UpCycle Exchange

Items Collected: Art Supplies | Fabric and Sewing Notions | Yarn and Knitting/Crochet Tools | Metal and Rhinestone Jewelry (broken/mixed up/missing parts OK) | Scrapbooking Tools | Wine Corks | Altoid Tins | Baby Food Jars


Items Collected: Clothing | Toys | Household Textiles: Towels, Curtains, Linens, etc.