Please take a moment to read about our president-elect nominees. Votes will be taken up until the start of the October General Membership meeting.

Thank you,

David Lott

TGENA President 2010-2011


David Woodruff:

David Woodruff and his and his fiancé Tiffany Ellis live in the 1893 home they purchased on the 2900 block of Michigan in 2009 and are converting from a two-family into a single family residence. Active on his street as Block Captain, his home is an almost weekly location for cookouts and gatherings of friends and neighbors. You will often see David cruising the neighborhoods surrounding Tower Grove Park on his 1956 Schwinn bicycle. He is the owner and founder of Blue Pear Media, a Public Relations and Political Campaigns firm who is well-known for saying, “Let’s talk about anything but politics,” preferably Bruce Springsteen or the hidden secrets in St. Louis City and Missouri.

“When I bought a home in Tower Grove East, I did it purposefully. I could identify no better place in St. Louis to get a historic home at an affordable price that was close to all the vibrant businesses and neighborhoods that makes St. Louis unique.”

“Our neighborhood is at the heart of so many other vibrant neighborhoods and attached to the diamond that is Tower Grove Park. We have a real opportunity to become the focal point as our City lives up to its potential. I moved here because I wanted to play a role in that progress.”

“I ask for your support as Tower Grove East Neighborhood Association President-Elect so that we can continue to work together to make our neighborhood a better place to live, work, visit and raise a family.”

Chris Naffzinger:

My name is Chris Naffziger, and I have lived in Tower Grove East since October 2008, when I purchased my home on Compton Avenue. I love how my neighbors on my block represent a diverse range of both ethnicity and nationalities, and that despite our perceived differences, how much we all agree on so many things.

We all agree that being a good neighbor and respecting each other’s feelings and rights are paramount to making Tower Grove East a neighborhood where we feel comfortable and enjoy living. What always amazes me is how people get along so well on my block, and it’s a testament to what good people live in our neighborhood.

I would say, though, despite making so much progress, there is still room for growth and ways to make our neighborhood better. Our blocks, lined with our well-kept homes, are too often scarred by boarded up or nuisance properties, almost always owned by out of town, or even out of state, absentee slumlords. It is not fair for all of the good people of Tower Grove East to have to live next to a problem property, when its owner does not have to suffer the consequences of his bad choice of tenants or maintenance.

If I could do anything in my year as President Elect, it would be to help pressure those landlords who do not respect, or understand our neighborhood, or see it as something to exploit for quick financial gain, and make them clean up their act. As I once said, “this is my home, not your investment.” I have extensive experience working with city officials and the police in the 3rd district, and I would love to be able to use those skills to help more people.

Thank you for taking time to consider my nomination.