Roosevelt High Schools baseball season begins in March. The team is in desperate need of new uniforms, and equipment.  The teams coach, Bart Adastra, who is also the Construction Trades Instructor at RHS, is looking for sponsors. The district is just unable to provide the funds to cover the teams needs.

Coach Adastra is expecting to have 25-30 players, 20 have already signed up. A uniform which consists of pants, jerzy, belt, and socks costs $100.00 for each player. Many of the students are in need of cletes which cost $40.00 per pair.  Other quipment such as gloves, bats, balls, pitching and hitting nets are also needed. Many of the students simply cannot afford to purchase cletes or gloves.

Sports are very important to the overall development of students. Sports help students with character building, discipline, teach the importance of teamwork, and are a great way to have fun.  It is important to help provide good positive ways for our teens to use their energy. Who knows one of these students may end up in the Majors one day thanks in part to your generosity.
Please help if you are able. $50.00 or $100.00 donations would be wonderful. Equipment donations would also be greatly appreciated. The team needs to raise $4000.00 to completely fullfill their needs. Please forward this email to any other list serves you may be part of and you friends. If you know anyone in the sports equipment business please give them a call and ask if they can help.
Please help the team, please help these kids enjoy being kids.
Thank you.
Coach Bart Adastra can be reached at 314-974-4696