Hello Tower Grove East Community!

At Shenandoah Elementary School, our school year has gotten off to a great start! Our enrollment is growing each day. This year, we would like to broaden our partnership with the community to help strengthen the bond between home, community and the school.

We are in need of volunteers for our school. We need reading and math tutors, as well as classroom and playground helpers. If you are interested in helping our children, please feel free to give me a call.

We are a uniform school and many of our children need assistance with uniforms. Our uniform colors are navy and khaki bottoms with white, navy or light blue tops. If you would like to donate a uniform to a child at our school, it would be greatly appreciated. Please call the school office @ 772-7544 and let us know.

Finally, we are in the planning stages for Shenandoah’s Celebration of 75 Years of Education which is scheduled for this upcoming Spring. Details are forthcoming. If you have any ideas you would like to share, please contact us.

We thank you in advance and look forward to working with you this year!

Sonya Wayne,
Shenandoah Elementary School
314 772 7544