Yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus!!!!!!

I am very pleased to announce that the items on the Shenanodah Teacher “wish list” we published this past fall have all been granted – and the items delivered to the school on December 18th – the last day before Christmas Break. I wish you could have shared in the excitement when these items were delivered. It was GREAT!

We have Karl Chauff to thank for the sides for the microscope for Mrs. Presnell’s class.

And – Jacqueline Smith of Yummies (our new local restaurant) has come thru for us the granted the funding for the lap desks and white boards for the other two classes, Mrs. Lloyd’s pre-K class and Mrs. Wittenauer’s 3rd and 4th Grade class.

A BIG THANK YOU to these people for caring and helping our TGE public school. Tower Grove East is indeed a great neighborhood.

And – stay tuned – there are more great things happening at Shenandoah – but I will save them for another time.