The best place to get all of the SLACO (St. Louis Association of Community Organizations) Neighborhoods Conference information is at: You can register online. You can also call Diana Rehagen at (314) 516-6590 to register. The theme is “Great Neighborhoods for a Greater Region”. It is a great chance to learn what other neighborhoods are doing, to share, and to network.

The most pertinent information is that the conference is from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 27 at Harris Stowe University (Administration Building). Cost is $20 (which includes doughnuts in the morning and lunch). There are 20 workshops from which to select at two morning sessions, a welcome from Mayor Slay (City of St. Louis), County Executive Dooley (St. Louis County), and Mayor Parks (E. St. Louis); a featured keynote address from Brad Lander (Council Member, New York City, 39th District) on the topic of “From the Ground Up: Building Great Communities through Public Participation and Public Policy”. REGISTER AT: or

At 1 p.m. there will be a plenary session that will be led by Chief Daniel Isom, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department on “The Neighborhood Ownership Model: Citizen Engagement for a Safe and Healthy Community”. There are panelists scheduled from two neighborhood associations and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for this plenary session.

There is also a closing presentation by Reverend Starsky Wilson from the Deaconess Foundation, who will discuss “Serving Youth, Building Families, Revitalizing Neighborhoods, and Growing the Region”.

Thanks. Craig