The plans, specifications and cost estimate for Phase 2A – Lighting and Traffic Signals have been submitted to MoDOT for review and approval and for authority to advertise for bids. Once that authorization is given, the project will be advertised for bids. Assuming that we could receive authority to advertise this week, the project could be bid the second week of September (after a minimum of 5 weeks of advertising, which is the minimum time required). The contract approval process generally takes sixty days to get a fully executed contract, therefore, notice to proceed with work would not happen until November.

The plans, specifications and cost estimate for Phase 2B – Concrete work and Landscaping is expected to be ready for submittal to MoDOT in two weeks. Since the same process for authority to advertise, bidding and contract execution are required, we are looking at late November before we would have the fully executed contract.

In each of the above cases, we will not achieve the desired goal of having trees planted in by winter and we will not have the lighting completed by winter.

Only one bid was received for Phase 2 and it was significantly over the estimated amount. There was not sufficient funding available to accept that bid.

In order to try to change the condition of the bidding environment, the package has been split into two separate packages in an attempt to increase competitiveness. It is felt that the lighting and traffic signal will attract electrical contractors, which should result in better prices for that portion of the work. It is further felt that by isolating the concrete work and landscaping work, it will attract more concrete contractors to bid the project. The value of the concrete work in the package that was already bid was a very small percentage of the total contract cost, so it was not as attractive to those concrete contractors to take responsibility for the high dollar electrical work.

Jennifer Florida

3873 Hartford