Tower Grove East Neighborhood Association

Founded in 1965, Tower Grove East Neighborhood Association is registered as a 501(c)(3) (non-profit) organization as TGE Neighborhood Charities, Inc.. Our mission statement is:

To achieve an outstanding urban neighborhood characterized by a diverse population, unified in an atmosphere of trust, respect and friendship.
TGENA has always been one of the strongest neighborhood associations in the City of St. Louis. Our residents have led the way in all aspects of neighborhood redevelopment in St. Louis. Our strength comes from broad based resident involvement. TGENA provides leadership and support for all neighborhood development efforts. We encourage all residents to become members. We want your voice to be heard as we plan our future together!

Board of Directors

The Board consists of five elected officers, representatives of the eight Standing Committees and non-voting Liasons to organizations that serve our neighborhood. Additional Committees may be formed as needed.

President – Martin Casas

  • Past President – Chris Naffziger
  • President Elect – David Rodgers
  • Secretary – Ann Auer
  • Treasurer – Norah Ryan
  • Charitable & Community – Gwendelyn Nilson
  • Communications – Jen Kubiszewski
  • Strategic Planning – David Rodgers
  • Engagement – Zachery Ford
  • Commercial Development – Patrick Moore
  • Membership – Jen Brown
  • Neighborhood Safety – Maggie Lalor
  • Marketing -Catherine Gilbert
  • Ways & Means – Bill Gilbert
  • DeSales Community Housing Liaison – Larry McCarthy