Dear Neighbors,

Tower Grove East is trying to get a neighborhood-ownership crime-fighting program off the ground. One component of the program is to have a trained group of volunteers who can reach out to support those who have been victimized within our boundaries. The Circuit Attorney’s office does have a program to support the victims of *violent* crimes, but there is a big need for local support and outreach to people who are victims of theft, burglary, etc. to help them to feel safer in our neighborhood and,
importantly, to help them to feel comfortable going to court to testify if necessary to get criminals put away.

To that end, we ask that you consider getting trained in Victim Outreach so you can be part of a group we can call upon if the need arises. There is a FREE training offered by the Circuit Attorney’s Office on June 30. Please see below for details on registration.

Please also let me know if you plan on attending, so I can add you to a list of potential volunteers. If you do end up on a panel of volunteers, you will be called upon every once in a while and be given the opportunity to do outreach.

If you have questions, send me an email. I did the training a few months ago and it was really great.

Thank you,
Melanie DeRousse