I am passing on info from the Circuit Attorney’s office, regarding one  of the trainings that are part of the “NOM” (Neighborhood Ownership
Model), which all neighborhoods are being encouraged to take part in.
This is one “arm” of it, with the other two being the Citizens On Patrol (Training coming up THIS WED., Jan. 30 at 6:30) and Neighborhood Impact
Statements and Court Appearances.

Four of us have already taken the Victim Support training, but haven’t finished all the work needed to put it into action. If a couple more
folks get trained, it will help us put it in motion. If you have any questions regarding the training, you may contact me, Melanie DeRousse
or Katie O’Brien, and we’d be happy to fill you in. Note the “RSVP by” date, below!
Thanks for your consideration,
Karen Jackson
Block Capt 2900 and 3000 Shenandoah

Saturday, March 9, 2013
9:00 AM to 12:30 PM
St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office
Carnahan Courts Building
1114 Market, Room 219
(parking available on street or City Hall lot)

RSVP REQUIRED By March 1, 2013
Maximum of 35 Attendees

Call 622-4373 or email to tofallk@stlouiscao.org
Kathleen Tofall, Circuit Attorney’s Victim Services Executive Director, will present on the aftermath and impact of crime on victims, crime
victims’ rights, communicating with victims of crime, and resource connections in the community.

Neighborhood groups are encouraged to RSVP as a group. Attendees will be provided with a packet of information—bring pen and paper.

Please arrive at the Carnahan Courts Building and be in the lobby by 8:45 for escort to the meeting room.