The Urban Debate League is looking for volunteer judges to help with a debate tournament Friday, January 29 and Saturday, January 30.  They will  start right after school on Friday and at 9AM on Saturday, and go until 8pm both nights. Each debate can take up to 90 minutes.
The UDL asks all volunteer and new judges to attend the Judging Workshop that’s conducted on site the day of the tournament.

These are typically 20 minute sessions that start Friday afternoon at 2:30.  However, if you can only volunteer on Saturday, a workshop can also be provided for you then.  Volunteer judges are especially needed for the first four debates.  In each debate, students will be arguing for or against the annual national high school policy debate topic: Resolved that the United States Federal Government should substantially increase social services to persons living in poverty in the United States.   Two debaters will argue in favor of the resolution (Affirmative), and two more will argue against it (Negative), before the judge is tasked with deciding whether or not to implement the course of action the Affirmative team advocates  based only on the arguments the students made.
If you  like to volunteer, please contact Ravi Rao at either 314-691-4417 or