Citizens’ Service Bureau (CSB)

The Citizens’ Service Bureau is the customer service department for the City of St. Louis. Citizens may contact the CSB to register complaints or compliments regarding city services or neighborhood concerns. Call 314-622-4800 or go online from the city’s home page, You can also send information to CSB via Twitter.

Citizens’ Service Bureau
1520 Market St.,
Room 4087
St. Louis Missouri 63103
(314) 622-4800


What types of problems should I report to the Citizens’ Service Bureau?

All problems about city services should be reported to the Bureau. These would
include problems with refuse collection, street maintenance, traffic control signals and signs, street lights, requests for building inspections and health inspections, stray or vicious dogs, accumulations of trash and weeds, air pollution, defective public sidewalks, maintenance in city parks and recreation facilities and other related city service problems. if you do not know whether or not your complaint is under the jurisdiction of the city government, contact the citizens’ Service Bureau at 622-4800.

How can I register a complaint with the Citizens’ Service Bureau?

Call 622-4800 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Your call will be answered by a citizens’ Service representative. Or go online to the city’s home page at

What information should I have ready for the Citizens’ Service representative before I call to register my complaints?

You must have the exact address or location of the problem you are reporting and be prepared to give an accurate description of what you have observed. You can obtain exact addresses from the Assessor’s page on the city’s website or from a link on the CSB page. remember the citizens’ Service representative who is assisting you has not seen the problem you are reporting, so please be patient if you are asked for additional information.

What response can I expect?

The citizens’ Service Bureau representative will provide you with an “order number” and an estimated number of days for the problem to be corrected. Use the order number to call back if the problem is not corrected within the time frame you are given. remember that your alderman and neighborhood stabilization officer are also available to assist with problems