St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department

Tower Grove East is served by the Third District of the St. Louis Police Department. The Third District’s commanding officer is Captain Joseph Morici and is headquartered at the Central Patrol Division on Jefferson Avenue.

Community Outreach Meetings
Meetings are held every three months (March, June, September and December) on the second Thursday at 7:00 p.m. at the Five Star Senior Center located at 2832 Arsenal.

“The mission of the Metropolitan Police Department, City of St. Louis is to protect, serve and assist citizens when conditions arise that may affect the well-being of the individual or the community. Cooperating with others in the community, officers will work to prevent and detect crime, protect life and property, and achieve a peaceful society, free from the fear of crime and disorder. Members of the Department will strive continually for excellence and maintain the peace through lawfulness, diversity, service, integrity, leadership and fair treatment to all.”

Third District Website:
Third District Location:
Central Patrol Division
919 North Jefferson
St. Louis, MO 63106

  • Third District Captain

    Joseph Morici