Tower Grove Park

Henry Shaw gave the citizens of St. Louis the grand pleasure park, known as Tower Grove Park, in 1868. The park is home to softball, soccer, tennis, corkball and frisbee games, as well as to the strollers, joggers and picnickers who revel in the fanciful Victorian pavilions and sculptures Shaw commissioned, and in the more than 8,000 trees and shrubs he imported from around the world.

Our photos can’t begin to capture the sounds of the Compton Heights Band playing in the Music Pavilion, members of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra playing in the Piper Palm House, the splashing of the kids in the wading pool, the joys of strolling through crisp autumn leaves or spotting a new bird to add to your list!

The mission of Tower Grove Park is “to be an exemplary, well preserved and well presented, wooded Victorian park of national significance that provides important recreational, educational, and cultural opportunities for the public in a way that is compatible with its unique and historic character.”

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