Tower Grove East
Neighborhood Stabilization Team

Neighborhood Stabilization Team serves as a catalyst for bringing together the police, elected officials, governmental agencies, social service organizations, community groups and individuals to identify permanent solutions to on-going problems. The staff of 28 Neighborhood Improvement Specialists [also known as Neighborhood Stabilization Officers (NSOs)] serves the entire city.

The Tower Grove East Neighborhood has 3 different St. Louis City wards within its’ borders that come with Neighborhood Improvement Specialists assigned to each ward.

  • Ward 6 NSO/NIS

    Dena Hibbard

    phone(314) 657-1359

  • Ward 8 NSO/NIS

    Keith Minor

    phone (314) 657-1378

  • Ward 15 NSO/NIS

    Katie Wolf

    phone (314) 657-1374